FDF is one of the largest Christian organizations for children and youth in Denmark. The aim of FDF is to share the Gospel with children and youth. Since 1902 FDF has been an independent and voluntary part of the youth work of the Danish national church.


FDF was founded in 1902 by the young Copenhagen architect Holger Tornøe. In the beginning only boys could be members of FDF. The activities were first and foremost marching exercises (drills) accompanied by music, talks, and Bible studies.

Soon FDF started arranging summer camps where boys were introduced to outdoor and camp life. In 1952 FPF, an organization similar to FDF but for girls, was founded, and in 1974 the two organizations merged as FDF/FPF. The name was in 1994 changed to just FDF.

Organizational structure

FDFs' members are organized in about 400 local groups all over Denmark as well as in the province of Slesvig in Northern Germany. The local FDF groups are organized on regional, over regional and national levels as well as in different national committees. Each local FDF group consists of different groups with children divided into age groups.

All age groups meet every week, and they also go on weekend tours and summer camps.

The age groups in FDF

- Puslinge: 5 - 7 years

- Tumlinge: 7 - 9 years

- Pilte: 9 - 11 years

- Væbnere: 11 - 13 years

- Seniorvæbnere: 13 - 15 years

- Seniorer: 15 - 18 years

- Leaders: From 18 years

Activities in FDF

FDF activities contain indoor as well as outdoor activities and are organized by unpaid volunteers.

Activities in FDF give children and youth unsurpassed experiences with nature, music, new modes of celebrating divine services etc. New technology is sometimes employed, introducing members to new and amusing ways of using e.g. SMS, GPS for orienteering and camp activities. Drama, local bands and song groups also form part of FDF’s many activities. In recent years adventure sports like sailing, kayaking, wall and tree climbing has also become a part of the typical activities.

In fact FDF employs anything that can arouse interest, give members a good time and at the same time support our objective and fundamental values in the widest sense.

The local group in the parish

All FDF groups are associated with the local parish. But even though FDF is associated with the Danish national church, the organization also counts some leaders from other Christian communities.

FDF is actively involved in many church activities and the church is actively involved in e.g. leader training. At national and regional camps many pastors are responsible for our divine services. Many FDF leaders are members of their local parish council.

Musical tradition

FDF has a strong musical tradition and issues written music as well as songs. Every year the children's song book "March og lejr" is published. A new edition has been published each year since 1916, and it is used at practically every FDF meeting and event.

Many children and youth get their first musical instruction within FDF. A number of bands, brass bands, baton bands and rock bands practise in the local groups.